tiny message from pj

woo, I have a website for this, and (soon) an executable... i never thought i'd get this far on a game i made. gacha_attacker is a little game I made with Snap! (a block-based coding language). and this game, well, it's a labor of love! i've worked on it for many weeks, and i'm very happy with it. so yeah. hope you enjoy ;')

- pajamaclaws21

the official home site of gacha_attacker

As you can read from the title, this is the official home site of my game, gacha_attacker. It has basic info, and a game link and download. It's pretty cool, I think! Despite it being so cool, there's a bit of reading you need to do before playing the game. Let's do that first!

Okay, cool. Once you've read those, you might find it helpful to check out the updates page, which contains general information about updates to the game.

ready to play?